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China chemical fiber industry major positive policy!

2022-01-06 17:40 VIEW:289

In 2017, China's chemical fiber industry continues to improve, and high-quality enterprises' earning capacity is high again.

In 2017, China's chemical fiber industry continues to improve, and high-quality enterprises' earning capacity is high again. New Fengming, Taihua, Weihai Development and other enterprises have been successfully listed on the Main boards of Shanghai and Shenzhen, becoming the focus of attention of the capital market. China's fiber science and technology innovation and achievements are frequently reported, such as "dry spray wet spinning 1000-ton high strength / 100ton-class medium form carbon fiber industrialization key technology and application" project won the first prize of national Science and Technology Progress, solvent method cellulose fiber completed the localization. China's fiber has entered a new era of strategic development, flexible production, recycling, bio-based, functional fiber and other key research and development programs strong counterattack; Intelligent production, green production, strong base engineering gathering force; National Industrial Awards, individual champions and other brand projects show more fiber power. In the new era, it is necessary to grasp the new atmosphere, the new strategy must demand new ideas, and the new vision must catalyze new actions. One, China's fiber: new weather

In Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries and regions, under the propulsion of followed the world into the "industrial revolution" 3.0, and 4.0 "industrial revolution" s technology made hyperactive, Internet accounting, cloud, big data, mobile Internet, 3 d printing, intelligent robot, shale gas, renewable energy and biomass, new materials and other categories of transforming social traditions emerge in endlessly, We will continue to advance technological progress and foster a new round of industrial revolution.

(2) New fiber materials, the strategic commanding point driven by international innovation

The United States launched a revolutionary fiber and textile program, establish a fiber and fabric industry innovation organization, focus on the development of a new generation of intelligent characteristics of fiber yarn technology and fabric.

Germany launched the Future TEX program in "Industry 4.0". The key points are renewable fiber materials, customer-centered production of customized fiber products, and Future emerging fiber materials with intelligent fiber as the main body.

Relying on representative enterprises with strong research and development capabilities, Japan mainly promotes research and development and effect industrialization in the fields of high-tech fiber and high-end fiber products, and gradually occupies a commanding position of fiber innovation and industrial strategy with its scientific and technological inductive advantages and revolutionary innovations.


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